Date and time

Wednesday 2 February 2022
10am - 4pm


Free with zoo admission


Chester Zoo

Join us on World Wetlands Day as we celebrate the important role of wetlands for so many of our amazing animals here at the zoo!

Take a look at our programme!

10:30am – 12pm Discover UK wetlands – Main Entrance

What is a wetland? Why are they so important? Join us to discover what makes wetlands here in the UK amazing and see what you can do to help protect them!
11am – 1pm Discover Latin America wetlands – Latin American Wetland Aviary

From flamingos to parrots to tequila fish. There’s so much variety when it comes to wetland habitats. Come and discover how we protect and restore these amazing places!

11am Greater one-horned rhino talk – Greater one-horned rhino habitat

Join us to find out more about these elusive gentle giants. They spend so long wallowing in the mud they are sometimes mistaken for hippos!

Did you know… despite their size these rhinos are excellent swimmers!

11.30am Malayan tapir chat – Malayan tapir habitat

Why do these strange black and white creatures have a funny nose and what is it used for in their rainforest habitat? Join us for this talk to find out.

Did you know… they have prehensile noses which is used to wrap around and grab fruit, leaves, and other foods.

12pm Capybara talk – Giant anteater and capybara habitat

The world’s largest rodent! Join us to find out more about this weird and wonderful South American animal.

Did you know… capybara teeth grow continuously!

12.30pm Giant otter talk – Giant otter habitat

Why are giant otters known as river wolves? Join us to find out more about these impressive predators from South America.

Did you know… giant otters as the name suggests are the world’s largest otters.

1pm – 3pm Zone Roam – whole zoo

See if you can find one of our expert Zoo Rangers on their roam around the zoo. They are there to answer any questions you might have about our animals!
2pm – 4pm Discover African wetland bird watch – African wetland bird hide

There are so many wonderful birds that call wetlands their home but how many of them can you spot? Join our Zoo Rangers in the African wetland bird hide and see what you discover…
2.15pm Jaguar chat – Spirit of the Jaguar

The majestic Jaguar, found in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. But are they the most amazing animals there? Join us to find out more!Did you know… jaguars have webbed paws to help them hunt in the water!
2.45pm Flamingo talk – Latin American Wetland Aviary

Pretty in pink! These amazing birds live in the Wetlands of South America. But are they the best birds in South America? Or are there better? Join us to find out

Did you know… flamingos get their colour from their food

3.15pm Aquarium talk – Aquarium

Join us to discover the unique wildlife that can be found in underwater habitats around the world. Find out more about fish of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Did you know… that we grow our own coral at the zoo!

3.30pm Mini Latin America Tour – outside Spirit of the Jaguar

Take a mini tour with our Zoo Rangers and find out more about our Latin American species and the work we do to help prevent the extinction of these amazing animals.

Did you know… Latin America contains almost half of the world’s tropical forests.

Please note: this programme will run instead of our usual animal talks on Tuesday 2 Feb.

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