Meet Munch - Humboldt Penguin Chick

When the first Humboldt penguins of 2016 began to hatch, new chick Munch proved himself to be the star of the year’s arrivals.

Faced with a debilitating breathing problem called mycoplasma in his first weeks of life, vets at the zoo didn’t expect him to pull through. Yet little Munch went on to defy all expectations, as team leader Andrew Woolham explains: 

Never over the last 30 odd years have I ever encountered a young penguin with such tenacity, fight and spirit.

To see him small, frail and struggling to survive those early weeks was deeply moving, but to be here now, having seen him gaining weight and getting stronger day by day is nothing short of a miracle.

I am incredibly proud of all our keepers and vets who worked so hard to save his life!

After several weeks under the watchful care of our keepers and vets, Munch was big and strong enough to join the rest of the adult Humboldt penguins on Penguin Island, where he has really found his swimming feet.

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Humboldt penguin Munch