This brightly coloured songbird is one of Indonesia's most beautiful, but also most endangered.

The Javan green magpie is one of the world’s most endangered birds with fewer than 100 remaining in the wild and they are decreasing. In Indonesia many people believe that owning a pet bird is a status symbol, and exotic wild birds can be bought from bird markets where they are kept in terrible conditions. Because of this, birds like the Javan green magpie are now endangered.

We’re working on putting an end to this through our Sing for Songbirds campaign which helps support our partners at the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre. You can find out more about this here!

The Javan green magpie has a stunning, apple green plumage, but is born with blue plumage.

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Interesting facts

IUCN Status: Critically endangered

Where they live: Western Java, Indonesia

Habitat: Dense montane forests

Size: 31-33cm

Weight: 125g

Threats: Illegal poaching to be sold as pets for status symbols. Loss of habitat from agricultural expansion, logging and mining.

Scientific name: Cissa thalassina