This yellow bird is well-know for its nest building skills.

Village weavers live across a very widespread area in Africa and are able to build their nests in a huge range of locations, from urban areas to dense forests. They live on a diet of small invertebrates as well as fruits, seeds and plants.

The village weaver gets its name from its fantastic nest building skills! Their nests are so good that other animals often use their nests after they are abandoned.

Male village weavers are the nest builders; they create a intricately shaped basket that they use to attract a female mate. If they are unsuccessful, they will destroy their nest and rebuild a better one. This means that males often build up to 20 nests during the breeding season!

Village weavers have many predators, including primates, snakes and birds of prey. Their main threat however, is humans who hunt them to use in traditional African medicines.

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Interesting facts

IUCN Status: Least concern

Where they live: Western, central and southern Africa

Habitat: Village weavers live in a huge range of areas from wetlands to woodlands, and even urban areas.

Size: 17cm

Weight: 29 - 47g (males are usually heavier than females).

Threats: Hunting for traditional African medicines.

Scientific name: Ploceus cucullatus