Fresh Water Fish

Freshwater fishes are a highly variable group of aquatic vertebrate animals that spend all, or a critical part of their life in either inland freshwater or brackish estuaries.

They include all ‘primary’ freshwater fishes such as carps and cichlids, ‘secondary’ freshwater fishes such as salmon and eels and some estuarine fish such as archer fish and gobies.

Freshwaters comprise just 1% of the water on Earth. Yet remarkably, almost half (43%) of the world’s 28,000 fish species are found in freshwaters, demonstrating high species diversity relative to the habitats available. The greatest diversity of freshwater fishes is found in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

As freshwater habitats have an increased potential to become isolated from other water bodies, freshwater fish endemism is often high, meaning that many species may be unique to a particular geographic location and found nowhere else in the world. 

Chester Zoo’s Aquarium is fairly unique in that it focuses on freshwater fishes, especially rare and threatened species from Mexico and India.