We're home to two beautiful jaguars, Goshi and Napo. Napo has a sleek golden coat, patterned with black spots in the centre of dark rosette-shaped circles.

This camouflage coat blends in with their surroundings which helps them when they hunt for food. Our other jaguar, Goshi, is more unusual. She is sometimes known as “the black panther” because there is so much dark colouring her smooth coat that she looks completely black from a distance.

You can find this pair in Spirit of the Jaguar, where the habitat is designed to cater for our jaguars' needs. There are indoor and outdoor areas which include poles to climb on, outside dens, sun spots, and outside pools for the cats to practice their excellent swimming skills. You’ll also see other South American species, including tropical fish, yellow-spotted Amazonian river turtles and a pair of two-toed sloth.

Human-jaguar conflict is a serious problem across much of South America and so we have a conservation project dedicated to this complex problem. In partnership with WildCRU (Oxford University), we lead a programme to help manage human-jaguar conflict on a wider scale. You can find out more about our jaguar project here.

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Interesting facts

Where they live Central and South America – from Mexico to Argentina.
Habitat Lush rainforest, swamplands, scrubland, savannas. They always live within easy access of water.
Size Length (including tail): up to 241cm
Shoulder height: up to 76cm
Weight 85– 158kg
Threats Hunting for their pelts for the fur trade and by farmers in retaliation for attacks on livestock. Habitat loss and deforestation due to agricultural and urban development. Such developments also have an impact on jaguar food sources, reducing the amount of prey available.