It's a dog, but not as you usually know it. Bush dogs are a whole lot different to dogs we commonly see in the UK.

They come from the Amazon basin and other parts of South America, but they're shy and extremely difficult to spot in the wild which is why most of what we know about them has been learned from those living in zoos like ours.

You'll see they've got stout, thickset bodies, short legs, bushy tails, a rounded face and round ears. Plus see if you can spot something else?

The clue is that in the wild they are nearly always found living near water. Could that be why they've got webbed feet? That's one thing we do know – they're top notch swimmers.

You might hear them making some strange calling noises too, as they can be quite vocal when they feel like it, even if they are shy! It's one of their ways of communicating with each other and warning each other of danger.

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Interesting facts

Where they live: Central and South America
Habitat: Semi-deciduous forests, mainly near water.
Size: 30cm shoulder height; 57cm length
Weight: 5 - 7kg
Threats: Habitat destruction due to farming and development; conflict with humans; poaching; spread of disease from introduction to domestic dogs.
Scientific Name: Speothos venaticus