This strikingly coloured wild pig is an expert when it comes to rooting for food.

Red river hogs are very social animals that live in groups of around six, led by a dominant male. The male pigs establish themselves as the group leaders by having ritual fights, which involves frightening each other by whipping their tails, snorting and testing each other’s strength.

Similarly to other wild pigs, red river hogs are omnivores. They tend to mostly eat fruit and veg, but can also be known to eat small mammals, reptiles and eggs.

They usually only come out at night or in the early mornings and late evening, and will sleep in a burrow.

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Interesting facts

Geographic: Central Africa

Habitat: They live in rainforests but can be found in dry forest, savannah woodland and cultivated areas. They can adapt to different environments quite easily.

Size: 100 – 150cm long

Weight: 50 – 120kg

Threats: The red river hog is widely hunted as it is considered an agricultural pest.