It's easy to recognise our wonderful warthogs, with their distinctive upward-rising horns and curious mane of hair on the top of their heads.

You might even hear them before you see them - they use different grunts, squeals and snorts to communicate and say hello to each other or to warn others in the group of danger.

Warthogs are wild pigs native to Africa and given their name due to wart-like growths on the sides of their heads - but we think they're beautiful creatures all the same.

They can live up to 15 years and grow as large as 100kg. Warthogs are omnivores, meaning they feed on most things, but in particular grass, roots, berries and bark and they prefer woodland habitats with a water source close by. 

In July 2016 three tiny warthog piglets were born here and named after Harry Potter characters: Hedwig, Nagini and Aragog – as part of a European breeding programme for the species.

Piglets are born mostly hairless, wrinkly and grey with protruding warts from which they get their name.

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Interesting facts

IUCN Status Least Concern
Where they live Central and Southern Africa
Habitat Savanna grasslands, bushlands and woodlands.
Size up to 100kg
Threats Habitat loss and hunting
Scientific Name Phacochoerus africanus