No two zebra are identical - each has a different pattern of stripes unique to any other, just like fingerprints.

They're the largest of the world’s three zebra species and are found only in isolated populations in Ethiopia and Northern Kenya. 

In the wild Grevy's zebras live in Kenya and Ethiopia but with as few as 1,900 left they're classified as endangered. It's important for their survival to increase the population and set up conservation projects.

Ours are on the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, a carefully managed scheme overseeing the breeding of zoo animals in different countries. That means from time to time zebras may be moved from zoo to zoo to breed.

Zebras can run at up to 40mph and they travel large distances in the wild too.

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Interesting facts

IUCN status: Endangered

Where they live: Kenya and northeast Ethiopia

Habitat: Dry, semi-desert grasslands

Size: Length (including tail): 250-275cm

Shoulder height: up to 160cm

Weight: Up to 450kg

Threats: Habitat loss due to increased agricultural development. Competition for grazing land and water with domestic farm animals. Hunting for its hide.