Visit the Realm of the Red Ape and come face to face with our enchanting Bornean orangutans.

They're now critically endangered in the wild and their survival depends on people like you and us helping them overcome threats they face on their island homeland.

These include being cruelly targeted by hunters, loss of forests to fire but their main threat comes from land on which they live being overtaken for farming and palm oil plantations; an issue which we focus on.

Through our orangutan project we support teams working in Borneo. They carry out important research and teach communities in the Sabah area how they can help ensure the survival of this species. Given enough support, conservation projects in Borneo can save these beautiful, clever and agile apes from extinction.

Our bornean orangutans are on the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, a carefully managed scheme overseeing the breeding of zoo animals in different countries.

We're home to the oldest orangutan in the UK, Martha, who has been with us since 1965. She has two daughters, Sarikei and Leia, who also have offspring, like Iznee, fathered by our adult male Tuan. He came to Chester in 2007. We also have a second male, a young adult called Willie.

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Interesting facts

Where they live: Island of Borneo, Southeast Asia

Habitat: Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests in the lowlands as well as mountainous areas up to an elevation of 1500m

Size: Up to 1.4m tall

Weight: Up to 100kg

Threats: Widespread habitat loss for agricultural development, particularly for palm plantations. Habitat destruction and fragmentation caused by logging. Hunting for the bushmeat trade.

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