Our chimps are a fascinating and precious group. They're very intelligent too - you'll see them working as a team at feeding times, or when they’re climbing, wrestling or playing.

Chimpanzee's have got strict social rules and their very loud high pitched calls and shouts show the sophisticated ways that they communicate with one another.

Their enclosure is specially designed to give them the most natural setting as possible. They spend the majority of their time in their large outdoor enclosure with access to trees and high sway poles. Indoors their specially designed enclosures ensure we can communicate with the chimpanzees safely and provide sheltered environments for sleeping and playing.

Our science and animals teams keep a close eye on the chimpanzees to ensure they are happy and to help us better understand the species in the wild. Find out more about our work studying animal behaviour here.

In the wild chimpanzee numbers are going down drastically and they are now a critically endangered species, which means without important conservation measures they could be wiped out forever.

That's why we’re leading the Gashaka Biodiversity Project in the Gashaka Gumti National Park, Nigeria. Our work here at the zoo and in the wild is helping to protect the future of chimpanzees in their natural homeland of Nigeria.

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Interesting facts

IUCN status: Critically Endangered

Where they live: Equatorial Africa from southern Senegal across the forested belt north of the Congo River to western Uganda and western Tanzania.

Habitat: Equitorial primarily lowland and montane rainforests & gallery forests extending into Savannah woodlands

Size: Up to 150cm tall.

Weight: Up to 70kg

Threats: Habitat loss and degradation due to mining, forestry and agricultural development, Hunting and poaching for bushmeat and exposure to disease brought into their natural habitat by humans.