The reticulated python is the longest species of snake in the world.

Bali is the larger of our two impressive pythons, measuring over 6.5 meters long. At this size, she is thought to be the largest snake in Europe!

In the wild, these giant snakes share their South East Asian forest homes with orangutans and are one of their few natural predators. Our pythons can also be found living (peacefully!) alongside our orangutans, in the Realm of the Red Ape habitat. Our pythons are fed every 6-8 weeks with whole turkeys, chickens or rabbits.

The large size and distinctive scale pattern of reticulated pythons has resulted in them being heavily exploited for skin to make popular leather products such as belts, wallets and boots.

Habitat loss is another significant threat for this snake. Through our conservation projects in South East Asia, we work to restore the forest habitats of Borneo, not only helping to protect the future of orangutans, but of all species living in them, including the reticulated python.

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Interesting facts

Where they live South East Asia
Habitat Forests, woodlands, grasslands, often near waterways
Size Maximum recorded length 9 to 10metres
Weight Up to 160kg
Threats  Habitat loss due to agricultural and urban development. Hunting for meat and skins. Collection for the exotic pet trade
Scientific Name Broghammerus reticulatus