The Asian giant tortoise is the largest tortoise found in Asia - and is believed to be one of the most primitive of all living tortoises.

This is the only tortoise that lays its eggs above ground in a nest, which is made up of leaves and other debris found on the forest floor. The nest is carefully constructed by the female before laying up to 50 eggs inside it. 

These stunning reptiles, found in Indonesia, reside in the rainforest and can grow up to 60cm long and weigh up to 37kg. Like many animals in the rainforest, their main threats are deforestation and hunting.

You'll discover our herd of Asian giant tortoises in Monsoon Forest, the largest indoor zoo exhibit in the UK.

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Interesting facts

Where they live: South East Asia

Habitat: Rainforests in which monsoon rains occur.

Size: up to 60cm

Weight: Up to 60kg

Threats: Over-harvesting and exploitation for food and pet trade, as well as habitat destruction.

Scientific name: Manouria emys