Chimps With Chips

We have a large group of chimpanzees. The keepers know each individual and each chimpanzee recognises its name. Each of them is also fitted with a microchip as a permanent means of identification.

The microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, is placed under the skin of the chimpanzee’s wrist.

A transponder reader scans the microchip for a serial number which can be matched up with the animal’s records.

To breed or not to breed

Breeding our animals is very important, however it is just as important to make sure the right individuals breed with each other so that the right bloodlines are passed onto the next generation.

This sometimes means we need to use birth control. In the chimpanzees, for example, we use the same birth control as in humans.

Currently we use a tiny implant that goes under the skin and gradually releases hormones that stop our females getting pregnant.

Chimp Birth Control

In chimpanzees, we use the same birth control as is used in humans!