Where does it hurt?

When you injure yourself the affected area will feel warmer. This is a process called inflammation. Doctors and vets can feel this heat to help them locate a problem area.

Unfortunately, our vets can’t always get close enough to our animals, but they can use a thermal imaging camera.

The camera detects changes in the surface temperature of the skin, so our vets can see where an animal is injured or has a potential problem without having to restrain them.

Giraffe Growing Pains

Growing up quickly can have its challenges. When the keepers noticed young Molly was walking with stiff legs they called in the vets.

They worked closely with experts from Liverpool Veterinary School to diagnose a growth problem called physitis. This is sometimes found in young hoof stock when they grow rapidly.

She was given calcium supplements and painkillers in her food and soon she was walking normally again.

Can you tell which image below shows Molly with hot and swollen legs?

Giraffe legs

Giraffe heat