Our dream jobs...

Here at Chester Zoo we have three full time Veterinary Surgeons and two full time Veterinary Nurses.

Here’s what some of the team had to say about it.


Steve Unwin - Chester Zoo 

Steve Unwin
BSc BVSc MRCVS Veterinary Officer (NEZS),
Veterinary Director (PASA)

“As someone with a passion for working in conservation being a wildlife vet at Chester Zoo is a dream come true.” 

 alison kelsall

Alison Kelsall RVN
Senior Veterinary Nurse

“Being a veterinary nurse here at Chester Zoo has given me a unique and exciting opportunity to work with some amazing animals. I still remember my first week here, going into the lion’s den to vaccinate a lion cub. The cub’s mother was roaring and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end! ”  

 Tanya Curnow - Chester zoo

Tanya Curnow RVN
Veterinary Nurse

“From an early age I always wanted to work with animals and at 14 started my first job working on a farm. My ambition was to become a veterinary nurse and working at Chester Zoo has more than exceeded my wildest expectations…” 

 Gabby Drake - Chester Zoo

Gabby J. Drake
BVSc BSc (hons) MRCVS, Clinical Scholar in Conservation Medicine, Veterinary Officer (NEZS)

“Working as a vet at Chester Zoo is a dream job for me. I always wanted to work with wildlife and try to make a difference to conservation, as well as be a vet. Being part of the team at Chester lets me do both. One of my favourite patients so far was a baby flamingo who hurt his leg and had to be hand-reared so he could have treatment. He is all grown up now and back with the flock!”