A spiritual and tranquil paradise island home to wildlife that is unique to this very special place.

"Now, this was an island I was looking forward to visiting. Bali!

"Before my expedition I looked into the many ancient traditions, myths and tales of legends that this island has. And before I even stepped foot on to the island, I’d already had a taste of what Bali has to offer.

"The Dragon Bridge gave me a hint that this is a place rich in spirit, culture and art.

"There was definitely a change of pace as I arrived here. I was welcomed by the relaxing chimes of the temple and the beautiful song of the Bali starling. Bali is also known as ‘The Islands of the Gods’ and ‘The Islands of a Thousand Temples’, so it wasn’t a surprise that one of the first buildings I saw was indeed a temple; the detail on the rockwork was stunning!

"This is home to the Bali starling, a critically endangered species of bird unique to this very special place. It’s one of the rarest birds in the world, so spending some time observing this bird was a must for me! To see this precious bird flying around me is something I won’t forget!

"After spending time in the temple grounds I headed across the Broken Bridge to see if I could spot any banteng, a rare and magnificent animal, grazing by the rice terraces.

"It was interesting to see evidence of the Balinese way of life too; over half of the population are rice farmers, and it’s considered to be the most important crop for the people living here – not only as a food supply but also a source of income."

Katie – budding wildlife conservationist


  • Head towards the iconic Dragon Bridge and follow the tranquil sounds of the temple chimes
  • Spend a moment to soak up the surroundings and relaaaaax
  • Visit the temple and wonder at the stunning birds found here. Watch and listen to the beautiful but critically endangered Bali starling
  • Discover more about the conservation work being done in South East Asia to save species like the Bali starling
  • Walk over the Broken Bridge and look across the rice terraces to spot the elusive banteng
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