Take in the beautiful sights and sounds of Coral Sands and start your journey through Islands at Chester Zoo. First stop is Panay... think bright, colourful and warty!

"As I arrived in Coral Sands I took a moment to soak up the exotic surroundings before making my final preparations for the Islands expedition ahead. I heard the calls of the seabirds and the calming sound of lapping waves against the shoreline.

"It was at this point I picked up my expedition permit before heading over the Thatched Bridge and across into Panay – the first destination on my map.

"I walked past a sign saying ‘Panay Conservation Park’ which meant I was getting closer to catching a sight of the Visayan warty pigs which I know are critically endangered in the wild. This was a great opportunity for me to discover more about this unique animal and put my wildlife spotting skills into practice.

"On my way to see the warty pigs I spotted a bicycle on the beach – it was covered in beautiful flowers and plants. It must have been used in one of the local community festivals; I’ve seen a number of celebrations where floats like this have been paraded through the streets. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to be part of!  

"Explore the other Panay pages to find out more about this island, the wonderful warty pig and what Chester Zoo is doing to help protect this animal from extinction."

Katie – budding wildlife conservationist


  • Don't forget to collect your permits and logbook from the Coral Sands Permit Office - the right paperwork is essential for any expedition
  • Look out for the local fishermen’s boats on the beautiful beach of Coral Sands

  • Make your final preparations for your expedition and then make your way over the Thatched Bridge into Panay

  • Observe the Visayan warty pigs in their environment and find out why they are critically endangered in the wild
  • Venture over the boardwalk and towards the next island: Papua

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