This is the last destination on your expedition! Take a look at the unique animals found here before soaking up the sights and sounds of Manado Town and taking a well-earned rest!

After leaving the tropical environment of Monsoon Forest I realised I was getting close to the end of my expedition. There was just one last island for me to explore: Sulawesi.

Sulawesi macaque habitat at Chester Zoo
Looking over the Lazy River from the Rock Bridge towards Monsoon Forest and Sulawesi macaque habitat

As soon as I stepped out of Monsoon Forest it was instantly clear I’d arrived in Sulawesi; the tall black rocks surrounding me reflected the many volcanoes that can be found on this unique island. As I followed the path round, I spotted a poachers camp. Unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised to see one, as I know these camps are quite common here. The Sulawesi macaque is hunted for its meat as their meat is considered a delicacy, and is especially sought after for celebrations like weddings, communions and funerals.

Poachers camp theming in Islands at Chester Zoo

One animal that I especially wanted to see on this island was the babirusa – a bizarre-looking animal which has some pretty distinctive facial features! So I spent some time waiting close to their habitat to catch a glimpse of this impressive looking animal. They’re not the prettiest but what they lacked in good looks they made up for in intelligence and inventiveness.

I crossed the Lazy River for the last time, heading over the Rock Bridge and towards the hustle and bustle of Manado Town. As I got closer, I could smell the food cooking in Manado Street Kitchen…I’d worked up a bit on an appetite on my journey so was ready grab something to eat!

Manado Town Islands at Chester Zoo

It was lovely to end my journey here; taking a well-deserved rest, replenishing my energy levels and taking the opportunity to reflect on my Islands expedition. I’ve definitely made some extraordinary discoveries along the way and if I’ve taken anything from this visit it’s that South East Asia is home to some incredible wildlife!

It’s also spurred me on to do what I can to help protect these magnificent animals. The first place I’m going to start is by looking into the conservation work Chester Zoo does around the world and how they Act for Wildlife.

Katie – budding conservationist


  • Make your way over Rock Bridge to your final destination on Islands
  • Most of the animals living on the island of Sulawesi are unique to this island and can be found nowhere else in the world
  • Visit the Tangkoko Reserve and observe the many different behaviours of the macaque
  • Take a well-earned rest in Manado Town and make any final observations and recordings before you report to the Manado Permit Office
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