Home to some of the most critically endangered animals on the planet. Discover more about the precious wildlife found here, before stepping into Monsoon Forest.

"As I left Bali and the tranquil sounds of songbirds and chimes behind me, I crossed the Lantern Bridge and made my way into a new island. I’d only walked a few feet before realising I was in a completely different habitat.

"As I passed the Sumatra ranger post I saw the danger sign and almost stopped in my tracks…I knew this meant I was getting closer to the elusive Sumatran tiger. I’d heard all about these beautiful animals; so I had everything crossed that I’d be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one!

"I took my time as I made my way further into Sumatra; looking through the gaps in the bamboo trees which is the perfect camouflage for tigers. As I was making my way, I suddenly spotted something moving in the distance; I think I spotted the tail of a Sumatran tiger as it crept behind a tree.

"I didn’t have to wait much longer for a second sighting though… This time I saw two tigers - they must have still been young as they had plenty of energy. They ran through a pool of water right in front of me before dashing up and over a hill out of sight. The whole experience must have lasted around 30 seconds, but it’s a moment I will never forget!

"After the excitement of being so close to such a magnificent, yet dangerous, animal I continued on my journey through Sumatra and came across the HUTAN Jungle Reserve. I had a look around the small hut and it became clear to me that the conservationists working here were surveying Sumatran orangutans.

"I know that the wildlife in Sumatra is being pushed closer to extinction as the forests are being destroyed to make way for oil palm plantations. I was determined to find out more about palm oil, the impact it is having on animals and what I could do to help. You don’t have to be a conservationist to make a difference."

Katie – a budding conservationist


  • Head towards Lantern Bridge and leave the tranquil sounds of Bali behind you
  • Look out for the danger signs as you wander deeper into Sumatra and keep your eyes peeled for what might be prowling behind the bamboo trees…

  • Spend some time looking for the elusive Sumatran tiger – catching a glimpse of this magnificent animal is something you don’t want to miss!

  • The island is also home to the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan; head towards the HUTAN Jungle Reserve to observe one of our closest relatives
  • Discover more about palm oil, what it is and the impact it’s having on wildlife around the world and what we can do to help!

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