Take a look around Sumatra

Aviary in Islands

Observe some of the worlds most endangered bird species in the beautiful surroundings of the Sumatran aviary. 

Detailed shot in Islands

Don't forget to look all around you and soak up the details on the island of Sumatra.

Islands interpretation

Discover more about the threats facing wildlife in South East Asia.

sun bear habitat in Islands

Paws...and take a moment to see if you can spot the sun bears.

Islands at Chester Zoo

Walk past one of the ranger outposts on Sumatra

Danger sign on Sumatra Islands at Chester Zoo

But look out for the danger signs!

Tiger habitat at Chester Zoo

Head towards the tiger tunnel...

Tiger habitat at Chester Zoo

...and look out for what might be prowling around the corner!

Tiger statue

There's plenty to discover throughout your journey in Sumatra

Research station Islands at Chester Zoo

Spend some time looking around the HUTAN research station before making your way towards Monsoon Forest

Orangutan enclosure