Jump on board

There boats making their way around the Lazy River are all individually themed around a different South East Asian island. Even though these boats look extremely authentic there’s a great deal of work that’s gone into making them look this worn and gritty.

Lazy River on Islands at Chester Zoo 

Arts Construct is the team behind theming the boats - making them look like they’d just arrived on Islands at Chester Zoo after spending many years bobbing along the rivers of South East Asia.

Linda Hurst, from Art Construct, explains:

This project was really enjoyable. It was fun working with new materials, but it brought its challenges. It was a bit of a learning curve for us too, as we had to use industrial products which meant we were unable to use the usual techniques to create this ‘worn’ look.

Julie Jenkins, who works with Linda, adds:

Even though these boats look like they’ve been used for years, everything we used to create this look was brand new. It’s such an interesting job and you never get bored with it. It’s unique in the sense that we have to make things look like something they’re not - we’re making solid fibreglass look like wood!

Not only did the team have to learn new techniques they also carried out a lot of research into the different symbols and patterns for each boat.

Lazy River on Islands at Chester Zoo

After being fully ‘roughened up’ they were then transported to Islands and added to the cabling system which runs underneath the Lazy River. 

Can you guess which island each boat is themed around?