Take a trip down the Lazy River

Now you've reached Sumba you can officially class yourself as an island hopper! You have already travelled through four different South East Asian islands discovering the magnificent wildlife that can be found in this part of the world.

Having arrived in Sumba you now have the chance to extend your expedition a little further and take your exploring skills to the next level.

Visitors looking at anoa from a boat

Make your way to the Sumba jetty and hop onto one of the boats for a trip down the Lazy River.

Lazy River on Islands at Chester Zoo

As you meander down the river, listen out for the many different sounds; it’s important to stay focused as you sail past tribal lands and danger signs. Also, keep an eye out for any clues that will tell you what other wonderful animals and plants can be found in this part of the world. Can you spot the turtles basking on the rocks?

The trip down the river will take you that little bit closer to the unique animals and plants on Islands allowing you to gather more evidence for your conservation report. The boats are themed around a different South East Asian island; ‘jump on board’ here.