Andes Gardens

On your way to our bewitching Butterfly Journey take a look at our enticing Andes Garden.

This is the area where we display plants and shrubs originating from South America. It's the perfect place to show off these plants, more than 50 different types in all! They are near our Condor Cliffs and offer a delightful walkway to the butterfly exhibit.

The garden is purposefully built on a slope, rising to about 2.5 metres at the back. It's built like this because the plants we have put here are adapted to hilly landscapes. In the wild they would naturally grow in the mountains of the southern Andes.

To create our own Andes Garden we used more than 200 tonnes of locally quarried limestone. We designed it so that two streams run through the rocks before plunging under a wooden bridge into a pool.

The plants you'll see here can all be found in the wild in Chile and Argentina and we've grouped them together in the same way as they would grow in those countries.

At the top of the garden you'll see plants from higher altitudes, and we've planted those from lower altitudes around the pool.

We keep an especially close watch on this garden over winter, as some of the species are not very hardy.