Discover our National Plant Collections

Not only do we protect animals from extinction; our horticulture and botany team also work hard to save endangered plant species too. Chester Zoo is home to five National Plant Collections – including orchids, nepenthes and cacti.

We think these plants are pretty cool! Not only are they lovely to look at, they’ve each got their own story; from a pitcher plant that eats insects to a species of orchid that looks like a monkey!

A National Plant Collection is a group of all species belonging to one individual type of plant. These collections are extremely important as they help conserve a species of plant by growing, nurturing and recording it. National Collections are run by the Plant Heritage Scheme, which we support.

These precious collections are in housed in our nursery, so if you’d like to see them you’ll need to book an appointment with our team before you visit the zoo (please call reception on 01244 380280).

Explore this page to discover more about our National Plant Collections at the zoo, the team that care for them and why they’re so special.

About our National Plant Collection