Very Important Plants

Plants are crucial to the survival of our planet and all who live on it.

To give you an idea of how very important plants are we've created an area called just that: Very Important Plants.

You'll find it by heading towards our Lion Enclosure. When you reach the start of the wooden bridge leading to our Cheetahs and Fruit Bat Forest, you'll see a narrow border packed with plants that are vital to humans.

They're all labelled and we've highlighted their different uses, whether it be as a fruit, herb, medicinal plant, for use in food flavourings or to make drinks, to produce crops or cooking oil, for cosmetic use or as an ingredient for fabric dyes.

There are so many uses for these plants it's hard to list them all here. But here's a chance to learn more about them.

Simply download the list here on this page, bring it with you on your next visit to Chester Zoo and see how many of these Very Important Plants you can recognise. 


Download the list here and see how many you can recognise (before looking at the labels!)