Wildlife Garden

Our Wildlife Garden is a world of wonder which we also hope will give you some great ideas for developing your own gardens at home.

Our skilled horticultural team specially designed and planted it to give you an idea of the important part your own domestic gardens can play in helping to conserve Britain's wildlife.

We also hope to convince you that deciding to grow a wildlife garden doesn't mean you have to turn your plot into an overgrown jungle 'full of weeds'.

There are many methods of encouraging widlife into a garden and we've included as many as was practically possible in the space we had available.

We especially chose that space to reflect the size of an average back garden, so you can see you don't have to have many acres to start an exciting project like this.

Along with delicately pretty wild flowers you'll see we've included a compost heap, log pile, a pond, bird boxes and feeders, bat boxes, a garden shed with rainwater collection and an herbaceous border full of plants which attract birds and insects.

Yes all that is packed into an average sized space and what's more, you'll see, it doesn't look cluttered.

Another area of the garden is used to grow vegetables alongside species we commonly call 'companion plants' because they're great for deterring pests from food crops, and encouraging beneficial insects into the garden.

There's lots of information for you here too. We've provided lists of species, planting and design ideas, all you need to inspire you to dig in and create your own wildlife garden at home. Visit ours as many times as you want to gather more ideas as you go along.

We really hope you'll enjoy our Wildlife Garden and realise it doesn't have to be hard work to maintain. If you get the balance right it can even save you time and money!