Giraffe Webcam

So, what are our magnificent herd of Rothschild giraffes up to today?

Our webcam may take a moment to load. If viewing on a mobile you may need to swipe on the video to go full screen.

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Giraffes are one of the world’s most recognisable animals, with their long necks and legs. Did you know they have the same number of their bones in their necks as humans? Like us they have seven, but theirs are obviously much bigger!

How to tell giraffes apart

Male giraffes are taller than females, and have larger horns. You can also tell which are the younger ones. They hold their necks more erect, have short, soft, slightly woolly hair, and have tassels instead of horns.

What do they eat?

Giraffes feed on leaves, shoots, bark and flowers. Their long necks mean they can reach trees as tall as six metres (over 19 feet). And they have really long tongues – up to 45cm long – which they use to tug leaves and shoots from spiky trees.

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