Our Zoo - episode 3

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Our Zoo, is a six-part BBC drama based on the inspiring story of our founder George Mottershead and his family in the 1930s.

With incredible single-mindedness, George Mottershead drove himself and his family to realise his ambition to transform a ramshackle house on the outskirts of Chester into a unique visitor attraction that would change forever the way zoos kept animals.

The drama follows George’s inspiring and challenging journey as he moves his wife, two young daughters and parents - along with a monkey and a parrot - into a draughty old stately home. With a derelict plot of land, mounting debts, no resources or manpower and a concerted campaign from the local villagers to halt George's plans entirely.

It's a race against time for the Mottersheads to build and open their zoo before the harsh winter sets in - or the bailiffs arrive.

The Secret Life of The Zoo

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The Secret Life of the Zoo

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