Amelia Clarkson interview

Amelia Clarkson Plays Muriel Mottershead

Muriel Mothershead
Amelia Clarkson as Muriel Mothershead
Were you aware of the history of Chester Zoo?

I’ve never been before. My Dad had and when we started the auditioning process he found out about it and I read the book that June was involved in called ‘Reared in Chester Zoo’. It’s a wonderful story and June is such a big part of this too, she’s here on set a lot, she’s absolutely brilliant.
Did you speak to June much?
Yes I have spoken to her. She’s brilliant on set, she’ll come on and be like ‘There’s my sister, that’s my dad.’ She’s lovely and it’s really great to see.
Do you have fun with the other cast members?
Yeah, I do with Honor. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to play my little sister really. She is amazing. She’s just so funny and she is brilliant, I absolutely adore her.
What attracted you to play the part of Mew?
I completely fell in love with it when I read the script, it’s so charming. I could not stop reading and I just wanted to read the next episode. I really wanted to be a part of it. The way it’s written is fantastic.
What was it like working with the animals?
I have worked with Mitch and Malcolm who both play Mortimer - so two monkeys playing one part - and goats; I’ve milked some goats which was interesting.
Tell us about milking the goats?
Strange, I had to be taught how to do it. I thought I was going to hurt it or something, but when I came to do it, it was quite satisfying to get the job done. It feels like I could be a milk maid.
Did one of the handlers talk you through how to milk the goat?
Yeah, we had animal handlers for all animals. They just make you feel really comfortable with the animals, with the goat he showed me that you don’t hurt them at all because they need to be milked. He was great, showed me how to do it, and I could do it, surprisingly.
What is your favorite animal on set?
I’d say the monkeys just because they are really good tempered. I love that fact that they are cute and little and are yellow.