10 06/10/2010

Baby primates make their debut

Two new faces have made their debut in the autumn sunshine.

A baby Mandrill, just two and a half months old and one of four baby Mandrills born at Chester Zoo, explored Monkey Island.

The Mandrill group were led by the dominant male, JC, out into the sunshine to enjoy snacks such as celery and oranges.

Mandrills live in deep forest in Southern Cameroon, Gabon and the Congo.

A Ring-tailed Lemur, one of two born at Chester Zoo, has also arrived.  The baby, yet to be named, is one month old and will start to adventure away from his mum at about three months.  Chester Zoo is home to 17 Lemurs, including the two babies.

Lemurs are from Madagascar and can be seen on Lemur Island at the 110 acre site. 

Picture courtesy of Pete Byrne/Press Association