8 Mar 2017

I was six and my Mums family were all from the Nantwich area. Mum was born in Shavington near where the Mottersheads lived. I remember my brother Guy and I visiting Chester Zoo for the first time and being totally amazed. My face ached from smiling at all the wondrous animals I had only experienced in books or Jonny Morris programmes. A glorious sunny day holding my Mum’s hand and chattering ten to the dozen to Grandad who was an encyclopaedia of knowledge. I specifically remember the orangutans, ice cream and coming home with a little blue bird on a branch which I adored and kept for so long. I now live in Hong Kong but every summer we visit family and go to Chester zoo with my two children Jessica and Aidan. Jessica has just adopted a tiger so we are especially excited to return. Chester Zoo will always be in our hearts and memories. Thank you x