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Delivering bears in the back of van.

By Sarah Morton

My grandad, Allan Squires, had a grocers and adjoining butchers shop on the A41 in Upton, called 'Squires'. He had a van for his business of home deliveries and was asked by Mr Mottershead if he could collect two bears from Birkenhead to take to the zoo. He may well have delivered other animals too but my dad recalls this story as the most memorable. My dad, Brian Squires, remembers seeing Mr Mottershead on a regular basis when growing up and remembers the hollow pit where the bears were in the grounds as well as the white kiosk where you paid to go in. My dad was born in May 1936 but his memories are reinforced by the stories from his dad; I too remember these stories from my grandad, even though he passed away when I was 8 (1978)
Grandad was only at the shops for about 7/8 years (1932 - 1940) and then went to drive tankers at Stanlow for Shell on the outbreak of war. The shops were taken over by Irwins chain.
We all really enjoyed the first episode last night and dad says the old house was very reminiscent of the actual house as he remembers it.

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