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Our grandparents lived in Oakfield

By John Millard & Josephine Butler

Our grandparents Souter and Adela Clayton lived in Oakfield from 1925 until 1930 – they sold the house to George Mottershead.

Our grandfather was a cotton broker, and had an office based in Liverpool. He and our grandmother had 5 children (our mother, Harriot, was their eldest child), and they used to host lovely parties at Oakfield. Unfortunately, our Grandfather became very sick which may, or may not, be the reason why he lost all his money and had to sell Oakfield.

Sadly, he lost a huge amount of money – and the bailiffs came knocking on the door, taking the furniture. So he had no alternative but to sell the house. And the person he sold the house to was Mr George Mottershead and his family for £3,500.

We think our grandfather would like the fact that George Mottershead turned the grounds into a zoo, and we think he’d be happy to see the large trees outside the house still here.

It is lovely to see the zoo bringing so much joy to so many people’s lives.

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