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Annual Post War visits to Chester Zoo

By Ian Butcher

Every year in the late forties and early fifties our dad took us 4 kids to the zoo. I remember riding on Molly the elephant and laughing at the antics of the monkeys. Feeding time at the sea lion pool was always a highlight. The way they waddled after the keeper with the bucket of fish had us in fits of laughter. There was a dog and a lion that shared an enclosure and were devoted to each other. One of them died and soon afterwards the other one died also; of a broken heart my dad said. Mr Mottershead was very friendly and took us behind the scenes to see some animals that were not on display for some reason or other and to see how certain things were done to keep the zoo working. As we reluctantly wended our way to the exit we noticed the peafowl roosting in the trees. I now live in Australia and on a visit back to UK I took my two girls to the zoo when they were about the same age as I was at the time I was there. What stimulated me to find this site on the net, was the fact that I have just seen the first episode of MY ZOO on TV and I wanted to read the real original story. I look forward to the forthcoming episodes and when I next return to UK will certainly make sure I visit the zoo again.

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