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My late fathers part keeping the zoo heated during war years

By Margaret Butler

During the war years my father worked for Sewards Central Heating in Chester and I can remember him telling us as children how his company kept the heating on during hard times so that the animals could be looked after in the temperatures suitable.

If local Chester Companies didnt help out the Zoo would have collapsed and not be the Zoo it is today.

I was born in Vicars Cross, 72 years ago, and this was a wonderful attraction in these hard times.

A few years ago I sent a large collection of photographs which I had and realised they would be better for the zoos history than in a box in the attic!!

I must say THE ZOO television series was wonderful to watch and brought back so many happy memories of the Zoo.

Thank you to all the staff for such a history and may the zoo go on for many more years.

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