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    One of the tougher parts of the zoo’s history due to the outbreak of World War II. The zoo welcomed new species and played a vital role in taking care of evacuated animals from all over the country.
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  4. In the war for our holidays we used to go to my Aunt Doris's in Upton near Chester. Lying in bed at night I used to hear the lions roar and the screech of the peacocks at the zo

    Holidays in Upt…
  5. How to get on t…
  6. Every year in the late forties and early fifties our dad took us 4 kids to the zoo. I remember riding on Molly the elephant and laughing at the antics of the monkeys. Feeding tim

    Annual Post War…
  7. when the family came to Chester for are holiday my nanny Prandle lived in Upton by the zoo. from her back garden we could see every one walking round the zoo also we would go

    visiting my nan…
  8. I remember riding on the elephant around the zoo ,it was a magical experience. On another visit I saw a lady fall into the moat that was around the chimpanzee enclosure.

    The elephant…
  9. Our first visit as children was in 1948 when I was five and my brother was two.We loved it so much we came back many times over the years.The high light of each visit was always

    Elephant and do…
  10. My father, Henry Mapplebeck was a Merchant Navy Officer sailing between Liverpool and America. On one of his voyages returning to the UK an Albatross landed on the ship, it was

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