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Fond Memories of Mum

By Jenny Morgan

My Mum worked in the Zoo in the big house which was the restaurant and she knew Mr Mottershead. she told me about a woman that came into the Restaurant and asked to speak to someone in charge, so my
Mum went and fetched Mrs Mottershead. The woman told her that she was discusted that they had not put nappies on the monkeys. Mum said her reply was that they were wild creatures and did'nt need nappies. When Iwent with her to the Zoo one time there was a small dog in the lion cage, Mum said it was friendly with the lion, I heard later that both had died becaused protesters had made them take it out and they had both died. I also remember going to see the big cats and by the side of it against the wall were a couple of one-armed bandits.
Mum also used to tell me that if I was naughty there was a cage kept empty for me, for years after Istayed away from empty cages.
There used to be Polar Bears in a big pit. I always enjoyed my trips to the Zoo and still do, as a tribute to Mum with money that was left to them my daughter and her husband became life members and take their children.

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