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I loved working at Chester Zoo

By Barbara Bell (nee Taylor)

My first experience at Chester Zoo was as a child. Mum and dad would take me from Lancashire for the day out and I rode on an elephant. It was so exciting! I remember seeing the polar bears, lions, tigers and lots of other exciting animals and birds. I remember watching Sammy the sea lion and watching him being fed. All very exciting and enjoyable.

Later on in life I moved to Chester and got a job at the zoo and worked with Gladys on the bird section. In 1957/8 while I was there, I was in a film about the zoo and I know it was seen in cinemas but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to see it although my sister in law and family saw it up in Scotland.

I remember Mr Mottershead and June his daughter, who married Fred Williams. Mr Reg Bloom was my boss at the time.

I worked at the zoo during a time when the chimps got out and I helped to get them back into their enclosure, along with another keeper called Ziggy.

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