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my first and subsequent vists


my first vist came on my 7th birthday when as i recall my mother and i had to catch one bus from Runcorn to Chester and one from Chester to the then called Upton zoo. Caughall rd was the stopping point just outside the then main entrance, having obtained entrance to the zoo my first vision of any animal was the majestic sight of an elephant giving rides to children round Oakfield house. My delight continued when my mother asked me if i would like a ride on the elephant , ( would i ever) i waited in line with the next passengers before embalking on the most amazing time of my young life thus far. Since that time i have continued to vist the zoo on many occasions with my children and grandchildren becoming a member many years ago. On my 70th birthday my family arranged a lemur experience which i must confess even outdid my elephant ride. I have seen many changes to the zoo all i might add for the better and hope to keep visiting for many years to come. Now i look forward to the opening of ISLANDS which will hopefully entice many more visitors and so enable the zoo to continue to do valuable conservation work so that others may as i have done view many exibits from around the world

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