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Fountain Restaurant

By Keith Helsby

As a 15 year old schoolboy I worked in the holidays and at weekends as a Catering Assistant. During the summer of 1962 I spent most of my time peeling potatoes in a shed in the yard of the restaurant. I worked with an old gentleman (76 years) named Cecil Catherall. We were a good team and I earned 1s.10d. (9p) per hour. Not much nowadays but it seemed a lot to me then.
The manageress was Mrs. Winstanley and the cook was Vera Akers(?). They and all the other lady staff were very nice to me in a motherly sort of way.
At the time Mr. Mottershead was still very much a presence, but the day-to-day admin was run by his secretary Miss (Nancy) Howard. You never knew when they would appear to check up on you.
My seasonal job continued for the next few years until I left school. I rose through the ranks to selling hotdogs and the pinnacle of Ground Staff - brushing paths and manning the carpark.
I have happy memories of those times and they certainly taught me plenty of life skills.

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