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My favourite animal -Mukissi the Mountain Gorilla

By Marianne Phillips

I alwaysremember happy trips to Chester Zoo as a child .. thetrain ride frought with excitement...
once we got there I would beg to goto the Tropical House first and once through the doors run so fast .. looking at nothing else until I got to the far right hand corner and my gorgeous Mukissi ..he was amazing and I would have to be dragged away to see other things .. though always with the promise that we could return to see hom before we left.
One day we visited and as usual the run to the Tropicalhouse began... I ran breathless waiting to see him in all his glory ..... devastation .... he was gone !!!!
The note on the wall said that he had gone to another zoo .. Edinburgh possibly if my memory serves me ... as part of the breeding programme.
I have always remembered the happy times seeing him but still think of him to this day when we go !!

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