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Special moments with a proud tigress mum

By Audrey Shearn

One cold foggy Sunday in February 1977 a fellow final year veterinary student and I traveled from Leahurst Field Station to the Zoo.
As the fog thickened, silence descended and we felt we were alone with the animals. In front of us lay a beautiful tigress, watching us as we watched her. After a few minutes she rose and carried first one, then a second cub from the den and proudly placed them in front of us. We held our breath, feeling very privileged.
That summer we qualified and two years later married and set up in practice. We adopted, not a tiger, but a boa constrictor as Dave was a snake enthusiast. Both my husband and the boa are no longer with us, but another snake is adopted in his memory and I enjoy trips to the zoo to visit it and, of course, the tigers.

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