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christmas fright

By Carmel savage

Was a volunteer at the zoo helping with the children's things mostly. one Christmas when the children came to the zoo they went on the story of Christmas walk at the end saw father Christmas , one afternoon I was with a donkey my bit of the story was when they travelled into Bethlehem it was dusk and we where by the tigers I think the windows in the tigers enclosure hadn't been there long I never thought about it till we the donkey and I where waiting for some more children to arrive the tiger jumped at the window in second s the donkey was braying I never realized how big a tiger was my heart was going twenty to the dozen to see a tiger at full stretch above you at a window was quite a sight , I managed to calm the donkey down and moved away from the tigers and carry on .Another time I remember going past the lions at near to feeding time the male lion was pacing up and down waiting for his food a group of japanese tourists were taking photos chatting merrily when he sprayed them they all went running in different direction to get away .

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