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Accidental Swim

By Kelly Hilton

I have always visited Chester Zoo throughout my childhood with family & school, so when I myself became a Mum I couldn't wait to bring my son to the zoo. I brought him as a baby in his pram & held him up to see all the animals, and carried on bringing him at least once a year as he grew up. On one visit in 2005, he was 3 years old and walking independently but still used a buggy when he was tired. We were visiting the zoo with my Mum & my niece, we were having a lovely day & went to the reptile house. As you are aware the reptile house is quiet tropical in heat with small pools & planting around the place. My Mum & I were seated on a bench having a short rest while my niece & son pottered about looking at the plants & birds. Next thing I knew my son had climbed up on one of the planted areas, slipped & was lay full length in a shallow pool. I was mortified, I hadn't brought a spare change of clothes or anything for him, even his doodle shoes were soaking. My son & niece found it highly amusing. Luckily a kind lady & mother herself gave me a blanket to wrap him in & dry him off. I then had to go to the gift shop & buy him a shorts & t-shirt set & socks. He had to sit in his buggy for the remainder of the day because he had no dry shoes. He's now 12 & loves me to tell him the tale of his accidental swim at Chester Zoo.

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