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Hand rearing Tejas

By Alan Woodward

The most famous hand reared lion was ‘Tejas’ who was filmed for’ Zoo Days’. The early days he was at home but later came to ‘day care’ in the car, his mother ‘Asher’ later recognised the car and waited for his arrival in the lion house. This process got him used to lion noises and their presence. I spent time with showing ‘Asher’ the cub hoping she would be accustomed for future litters.

‘Tejas’ left the zoo and is now at Besancon Zoo in France. He is now 7 years old and a proud father. Zoo Days has been shown all over the world and the ‘Tejas’ Facebook page grows by the day. I visit him on a regular basis and he recognises me every time.

I was lucky to be at Chester when we bred several species for the first time including bongo, cheetah and giant otters - these were great achievements for the carnivore team. There are a lot more memories too much to put here.

Thank you Chester Zoo for all of these, onwards and upwards!

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