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my visit to Lemur Island

By Jacqueline Roberts

For my birthday on 1st March 2001 my husband arranged for me to go on Lemur Island with the keeper and feed the Ring Tailed Lemurs.I adore Ring Tails and thought I was having a day at the zoo for my birthday but when we got to the Lemurs a keeper came over to us and said come with me. I was bewildered but went with him to the ape house to change my shoes for a pair of waders to walk over to the island.We had two buckets of fruit and when we got there the Ring Tails were all over us! it was heaven on earth for me, we were there for an hour and it was the best birthday present ever.My husband took photos and a video of it all and I look at them now and can't believe I actually did it.

We couldn't thank the zoo enough, all the zoo asked was for a donation which we gave willingly, thank you Chester Zoo for the best birthday and memories ever.

[Find out more about the Lemur Island Encounter here. - CZ]

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