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Subis and Kirana

By Maggie Pettitt

During the latter stages of Subis's pregnancy I was visiting the zoo atleast twice a week and spent much of my time visiting the orangutans. Subis got used to my visits and usually came and sat at the window so I could talk to her and "stroke" her through the glass. The bigger she got, the more fed up she looked, that unique expression that Subis has, but seemed to quite like my being there or so I imagined anyway! I visited a few days after Kirana was born, Subis spotted me and brought her new baby over to the window. What happened next amazed me, she unhooked Kirana's hand from her fur and placed it flat on the glass where my hand was, so that I could "touch" her baby. Wow, I could hardly believe what was happening and I admit I shed a tear at such a touching act from this wonderful proud new Mum!

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