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The beautiful elephants

By Will Joy-Camacho

I was born on the 17th of October 1999. I was five when I started to like animals. My mother and father started taking me to the zoo when I was about 3. I remember the lay out of the zoo and how much it has changed. We walked round the zoo being amazed at all the animals but I always remembered one animal more clearly........the elephant. I was amazed by these creatures because of their eyes. The white ring around the pupil always frightened me slightly because of it's piercing look. But this just enriched my curiosity even more. Now in the present day my curiosity for elephants has grow even more. I visit the zoo nearly every week watching the elephants for 5 hours at a time. I now know every single elephant that has ever steped foot in the zoo. I know their name date of birth and so on. The elephant herd at Chester is so nice and now nearly at the age of 15 I would love to work at Chester with thee beautiful creatures. If Chester zoo was not there I would be a totally different person. Thank you. Will Joy-Camacho aged 14

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